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MY First Step: About The Spa


120 Min - $200

Designed For: All First Time Clients 


Every journey begins with the first step. Our goal at MySkin Face & Body Clinic is to ensure that you achieve healthier skin. We will work with you to build a custom treatment plan that will not only leave you looking younger and more vibrant, but will also improve the holistic health of your skin from the inside out. During your skin revision process, we will incorporate state of the art technology to evaluate and work with your skin's needs. All clients enter into relationship with Elle through this initial consult & skin appointment treatment. Once you begin your journey into healthier skin, we’ll discuss future treatments based on the goals we’ve identified during this first service. Below is what to expect during your First Step appointment.

TREATMENT 1 - Take The First Step

 Following a complete work up of your skin, you will receive your first of many treatments on your way to realizing your skin care goals. 


Your First Step appointment is completed in about 2 hours. Please bring pictures of your current retail products. Clients entering into treatment with Elle after completing the First Step appointment will be required to book between 1-5 weeks ongoing in order to achieve their personal Skin Revision. We understand that Skin Revision might not be the goal for everyone so this first step appointment allows the client the opportunity to ask questions about any future Skin Revision Treatments – helping you to make an informed decision to enter into a relationship with MySkin Face & Body Clinic. 

 So let’s get started and take the first step! 


All new clients should start with the My First Step initial appointment.

All of MySkin’s Treatments are customized with DMK Products, which aim to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy.

MySkin has made it their mission to help clients reach true skin health through good education, personalized treatment plan, and state of the art equipment such as Neurotris Microcurrent, ProCell Microchanneling, LED light therapy, and. Xenon IPL. We use the latest in skin health science to treat the root causes of skin conditions rather than simply masking symptoms.


DMK Products contain only the purest botanical and organic paramedical ingredients carefully sourced throughout the world.

Learn more in the video below!

MY First Step: Video
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