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Please remain in your car and call us to let us know you have arrived.

We will then ask you a series of COVID related questions.

We will then ask you to come to the front door where your therapist will greet you

and take your tempature and offer you hand sanitizer. 

I have just arrived for my appointment. What should I do?

When possible, come dressed in comfy clothes without any jewerly--including face and multiple ear piercings. Also, be prepared to have your hair get a bit messy, so try not to book your hair appointment right before coming to see us! For new clients, make sure you have filled out the necessary paperwork online to save time during your appointment. Finally, new clients please have a list of your current homecare products you are using or take a picture of them. Thank you. We can’t wait to see you!  

How do I have the best possible experience?

Please send an email to with your full name and the products you need. We will prepare your order and notify you, and all orders will be ready for pick up at the end of each working day. If you prefer to have it mailed, shipping is $10 and free for orders over $150. We ask you please do not drop by to purchase products without an appointment as we are in treatment, and do not always have a receptionist at the retail desk. 

How Do I Purchase Products?

Unopened products may be exchanged within a week of purchase for another product of similar value. Opened products that are causing a true allergic reaction may be returned. A true allergic reaction is red, rash and itchy skin with a “hives” like appearance. Please take note: our products are very potent, and as your skin acclimates it may “purge” dormant acne…this is not an allergic reaction. It will subside! Also, please understand products are carefully chosen for each client based upon skin condition, so we ask you please do not solicit a return/exchange on based upon a dislike of texture or fragrance.

What Is Your Return Policy?

At MySkin we require 24 hours notice for cancelling/rescheduling your appt. Failure to make changes outside this time frame will earn a $50 fee.


Our cancellation policy is very important to us, and is strictly adhered to without exception. We limit the number of clients we see each day to ensure a high level of quality in our work with you. We also prepare for the session before you enter the door. This is why last minute cancellations significantly impact our practitioners and our ability to provide support to other clients hoping to work with us. In order to reserve a place in our schedule for you, we require you agree to our last minute cancellation policy as follows:

  1. You must provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment. This means if your appointment is for 4pm Friday, you have until 4pm sharp to cancel on Thursday. We strictly adhere to this boundary.

  2. If notice to change or cancel your session is provided less than 24 hours before your appointment time, you will be charged $50. If this happens please remember this is not a punishment, but a pre-established business agreement. As a small business, we work and depend on our customers showing up. 

  3. Our appointment confirmation and reminder emails are a courtesy. Not receiving either of these does not exempt clients from the late cancel/no show fee.

  4. Unexpected events can and do occur in one’s schedule. We understand that things like illness, work and emergencies, delayed flights are out of your control, but they are also out of our control – so they are not exempt from the last minute cancellation policy.

  5. If you are more than 20 minutes late to your appointment, it will be considered cancelled…which earns the $50 fee. Or you may arrive and keep the session, but you will be charged the full price for the time and the session will end on time.

  6. In order to schedule, we must have a credit card number kept securely on file. In the event of a last minute cancellation you agree that this card will be charged for the $50 fee. If the card doesn’t work your file is marked with the outstanding balance we will not treat you until this balance is settled.

  7. You may cancel/reschedule your appointment without assistance from us, through the online scheduler linked on 

  8. If you feel sick, are exhibiting covid symptoms or have had exposure to a person with covid we will require negative test results before you are able to schedule to visit us again. We need to keep the office a safe space! So any last minute cancellations due to illness will require a bill of clean health to receive treatment from us.


Thank you for understanding! We love seeing you, and hope that this will ultimately aid our availability to do so. Stay safe!

What Is Your

Cancellation Policy?

Appointment Info/FAQ: About The Spa


All clients must wear a mask and/or facial covering, that covers both the mouth and nose, while on the MySkin premises. Vaccination status has no bearing on this. No exceptions; you will be refused service and charged a cancellation fee. 

Please Note: 

We leave 15 minutes before and after all appointments so a 60 minute appointment block is truly 60 minutes on the treatment table. We also incorporate 15 minute blocks in between each appointment to ensure proper sanitation.

Appointment Info/FAQ: Text

 MONDAY - 12PM to  3PM
FRIDAY - 12PM to 5PM

             Note: MySkin Clinic will be closed SATURDAYS in the month of July & August.

Appointment Info/FAQ: Text
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