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Hi, I'm Elle!

I'm a seasoned licensed esthetician with over two decades of experience in the art of skincare. With a passion that spans 21 years, I've opened my own establishment to bring you a unique and personalized approach to skincare through results-driven facials.


My mission is simple yet profound: to help you not only achieve radiant and healthy skin but also to elevate your confidence and self-esteem. I take immense pride in curating an experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, inside and out. At the heart of my practice is an unwavering commitment to quality – from the meticulous selection of products to the precise techniques applied.


Join me on this journey towards self-care and empowerment, where your skin's well-being is my top priority.

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Customized Facials

A custom treatment plan will not only leave you looking younger and more vibrant, but will also improve the holistic health of your skin from the inside out.


Premiere Products

Top of the line products are available to further your skincare journey.

Located Downtown

We are located downtown Milford serving the Milford area as well as Greater New Haven and Fairfield County. 

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