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DMK Enzyme Therapy
120 Min - $175

DMK Enzyme Therapy is a results-driven treatment for those who want results and to truly change their skin—no matter what the condition. DMK’s world renowned enzyme therapy delivers growth factors and nutrients to the skin as a way of rebuilding it from the inside out and reversing cell damage. There is no other treatment in the world like it. 


DMK’s revolutionary concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. Danné Montague-King, has proven that the origin of any skin condition is disharmony in the natural way the skin functions. Therefore, the DMK concept is simply about restoring balance and enhancing optimal skin function. 

Regardless of your ethnic background, gender, age or skin condition, DMK offers you an effective skin revision program that is enhanced by using the botanical-based home care products. Together they will change your skin.


My Peels - Level 1

60 Min - $160

Designed For: Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Acne, Congestion, Pore Minimizing, Age Management, Rosacea, Re-Texturizing & Collagen Building
The proper peel, peel strength, and PH is selected for your skin condition and results you want to see.  Nearly all our Level I Peels will have little to no downtime. When done on a monthly basis, the results are cumulative and peels will become progressively stronger. Extractions (if necessary), Phototherapy, and the appropriate masque to enhance your results will be part of this brilliant treatment.
Clear, radiant, healthy and bouncy skin is achieved.

My Peels - Level 2
30 Min - $170

Designed For: Skin with Time to Recover, Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Acne, Congestion, Pore Minimizing, Age Management, Rosacea, Re-Texturing & Collagen Building

Level II peels are formulated to penetrate deeper than the Level I peels. Therefore, the results you want are achieved in less time, but you can expect a few days of "downtime". 

Note: No excessive sweating, exercising, swimming, or sun activities should be planned for the day of your peel.  Peeling and/or light flaking may occur for 2 to 3 days afterwards, therefore, no important events should be scheduled, All retinoid products should be discontinued one week pre and post application. 

Jet Plasma

Jet Plasma is a hand held device that is the most advanced technological breakthrough in the plasma industry. Best part about it is NO DOWNTIME, PAINLESS, NO NEEDLES, and NO NUMBING CREAM. This process opens up channels in the skin similar to microneedling and increases your skin's density by 14.8% in one treatment. Works on diminishing hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines & wrinkles, laxity, collagen remodeling and aging and damaged skin.
Book a consult/treatment and learn about Jet Plasma and our special introductory offers.


TCA moisturizing peel has ZERO to minimal downtime and no discomfort, and the results are ridiculous! For all skin types and colors. The super moisturizing formula works on anti-aging, scarring, sun damage, acne, minimizes pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and builds collagen & elastin. You no longer have to put your social life "on hold" because of a peel!


SERA Mestotherapy

Mesotherapy has exploded in Europe and slowly gaining popularity in America! SERA mesotherapy was created to compliment the BioRePeel and this dynamic duo gives incredible results which can't be compared to other procedures or products. SERA serums are a topical application and are superior to any other mesotherapy serums on the market due to its concentration of ingredients and quality of formulation. CE certified.

Book your BioRePeel and receive your SERA mesotherapy at 50% off and watch your skin GLOW!




My ProCell Microchanneling

60 Minutes -  $250

Add on Neck or Décolleté - $50 per Session OR Series of 4 - $150




This can be combined with enzyme therapy for the ultimate in skin revision. 


(Procell Therapies Microchanneling)

Looking for a quick way to improve the appearance of your fine lines, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, acne as well as acne scarring, with virtually no downtime?

Well then, Procell Microchanneling treatment is the ideal solution for you!

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