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Acne Treatment


90 Days to Clearer Skin

Designed for Teens and Adults who suffer from all grades of acne.


MySkin acne process usually takes about 90 days to see a 90 percent clarity in your skin. No drugs, no dried out, red, itchy, flaky, skin—just clarity. My system is designed for Teens and Adult who suffer from all grades of acne.


It all begins with an initial in-depth consultation and baseline photos are taken so we can compare your progress from start to finish.  We then take a closer look at your skin so we can choose the correct program and proper homecare prescriptives just for you and your type of acne. 

Acne is no laughing matter and it can take a toll on your well-being. My Acne Clinic is built upon 21 years of experience working with all types of acne and we can help you gain the results you seek and guide you to clearer days ahead. 


Acne Clinic Member Special

 Benefits of Becoming an Acne Clinic Member:

  • Special series pricing for Acne Clinic members

  • 20% reduction on all DMK Acu-line homecare products while in clinic.

  • 20% off on all maintenance treatment facials for a lifetime

  • Clear skin achieved in 90 days without over drying, redness & irritation by re-building the skin, not drying it out. 

  • Clarity without the use of harmful drugs. 

  • Ongoing support from Acne Specialist after graduating from program. 

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